The Factory Outlet: New High Class Fashion Store in Colombo

These days, if you plan to go shopping in Colombo I highly recommend you check the Factory Outlet fashion store that’s newly opened in Havelock Road, Colombo 05. My cousin who is a highly fashion conscious guy excitedly told me about this new store a few days back. I didn’t believe him when he told me this new place got high quality cloths like trendy shirts for sale at one third the prices they are sold at Colombo’s other top fashion stores like Odel and Glitz. To prove his point, my cousin dragged me with his mum to go shopping yesterday. I found out that though it wasn’t as cheap as he bragged nevertheless things were cheaper than they are in other high class cloth stores in Colombo like Odel, Glitz, Nolimit, House of Fashion or Fashion Bug.
factory outlet colombo
According to my cousin they are able to sell cloths made to latest fashions with high quality materials because they get them directly from rejected order from factories that manufacture cloths for US and European markets. But just because the cloths are from rejected order doesn’t mean they are bad. Sometimes orders get canceled and factories are forced to sell them in the local market and at other times a high quality perfect shirt or trouser may get rejected because a button was not sewn properly. Anyway, at the end of my shopping trip to the Factory Outlet I ended up buying four casual ware shirts and a trouser. My final bill was rupees 5400/= odd. I would guess if I bought the same things at Nolimit they would have cost me maybe about 7500/= or at Odel maybe even 10,000/= rupees.

The store is located at no. 192, Havelock Road, between the Thibirigusyaya Juction and Dickman road Junction in Colombo 05. The Factory Outlet is convenient in anther way because they have a fair size car park at the front where customers can park their vehicles and shop like at Odel. The interior of the store is also similar to the interior of Odel with suitable bright lighting and space for moving around. The selection of cloths they already have is large for both men and women and they also got miscellaneous stuff like trinkets for girls, lovers and toys for kids and gifts for infants. I heard they will bring more stuff including branded denims meant for developed markets.

If you visit the store I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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