20 Floor Dehiwela Marine City Apartment Skyscraper Photos

The tallest building in Dehiwela City is now nearing completion. I went near the building today and took the opportunity to snap some photos for Sri Lanka News Online. This building is about 20 floors or so tall and thereby visible from the Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia beach and Dehiwela town over the other shorter buildings. It is located near the Dehiwala beach adjoining the Dehiwala railway station.

dehiwala apartment buildings

This is how the new nearly 20 story tall Marine City Apartment complex in Dehiwala City looks like when you walk down the Dehiwala station road.

photos dehiwala skyscraper

According to the Marine City Apartment building complex developer’s website this building will be one of the best state-of-art apartment complexes in Sri Lanka. It is going to said to offer a panoramic view of the Indian ocean, one that is relaxing, inspiring and altogether memorable. The Marine City skyscraper is situated in close proximity to Dehiwala schools, supermarkets, banks and financial institutions, and all modes of public transport in addition to many other essential day-to-day service providers.

If or when the Marine Drive road is extended from Wellawatte to Dehiwala or beyond the building will be adjoing it as well as the Dehiwela Station Road.

dehiwala station road

This last photo below, shows how this tall skyscraper use to look like when coming down from the Dehiwala Hill Street. Until it was painted recently it was a real eyesore.
marine city dehiwala

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